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The Foodie’s Guide to Culinary Travel

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Choosing a vacation destination has many factors depending on the people going, what they like, and what their priorities in a vacation are. Is the activity important? Adventure or sightseeing? Family trip or going solo? Cruise or land-locked? A fun type of vacation we’re seeing a lot of lately is a culinary travel adventure, where travelers visit some of the most culinary-focused destinations around the world. But since everywhere in the world has food, how do you know where to start and what to plan? We have put together a guide of the top 5 destinations for culinary travel.

Top 5 Destinations for Culinary Travel

Paris, France

Of course this is first on our list, right? Paris is what people think of when they think of fashion, class, sightseeing, and food. Paris has many specialty foods that can be tasted around the world, but never in the same way as eating the authentic version in the country itself. Some of these foods include croissants, Croque Monsieurs, escargot (seriously, if you’re open to trying new foods, this is a must in France!), and frog legs. Going on a food and wine tour in Paris will allow you to incorporate sightseeing and eating some of the local delicacies.

Tuscany, Italy

Italy is one of the most well-known locations for food in the entire world. Tuscany is at the top of that list. The cool part about Tuscany is that many of the tours include cooking lessons so you can not only taste some of the best local dishes, but you can have fun learning to make them from local Italian chefs that make them everyday. It’s a fun adventure and learning experience, and it always ends up delicious. The dream of many travelers is going to Italy and being able to make (or even just eat) some authentic homemade pasta, meaty pasta sauces, amazing wines, and antipasto salads. Tuscany is known for potato tortelli, chicken liver pâté, pappa al pomodoro, and of course, the wine.

New York City, New York

Yes, that’s right. Right here in our backyard, we have some culinary travel destinations that will be delicious, fun, and much closer than traveling all the way to Europe (if you’re not ready for that yet). New York has a rich cultural diversity, and with that comes rich food diversity. Take the tour of Italian delis, Mexican tacquerias, Polish bagel shops, Turkish shawarma trucks, and fresh local farmers’ markets. New York is a great place to visit for a culinary travel experience. Start in Brooklyn and work your way around New York City and try a bit of everything.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Another more local option for culinary travel, New Orleans has a large variety of sights, sounds, and experiences. The style there is a unique blend of Creole and French with some equally unique (and delicious) foods. The chefs there are some of the best in the country, and you’ll have the opportunity to really open your flavor profile here. Some must-tries in New Orleans are BBQ shrimp, muffuletta sandwiches, beignets, Po Boys, gumbo, and jambalaya. Seriously, if you just sit in restaurants the entire time you’re in New Orleans, we will not judge you. 

Culinary Collection Cruise

Did you know entire cruise ships surrounding culinary travel exist and are ready to show you all kinds of awesome food experiences? We work with multiple travel partners that are part of the Culinary Collection cruise promotions to offer travelers a variety of culinary experiences. You’ll get all the benefits of a cruise while having the opportunity to attend dining events full of authentic and unique menus cooked by some of the world’s top chefs.

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Brittany FerraraThe Foodie’s Guide to Culinary Travel
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