Luxury Travel Experiences

How do you define luxury travel? At Pearl Travel we feel that luxury travel today is less about the number of threads in your sheets and the number of stars for your hotel but instead the places and experiences that offer you all that is authentic about a destination.

Yes, the comfort factors do apply and higher standards will always be on your luxury travel wish list. But we find that you the luxury traveler of today looks for more understanding and immersion in local culture. It is an experience created for your own personal preferences that combines enrichment, enjoyment and education, with the time to appreciate your surroundings at a price that represents value for money.

Bucket List Travel

Once your dream, those few things you wanted to see or do before you die has now expanded to embrace romance and adventure on a grand scale.

Because now you can so if it’s whirring above a bubbling Icelandic volcano in a helicopter, taking your family on a Galapagos expedition, or soaking up the golden age glamour on a luxury train ride, there are no limits for the modern day traveler.

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Cruise and Rail Vacations

Cruise the seven seas in a luxurious ocean cruise or see rivers from a luxurious boat, hop on board a luxury train this is the way to travel in style.

Rocky Mountaineer offers “gold service” and a unique rail vacation through the Canadian Rockies. From trips through Europe on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, to expedition cruises of Antarctica we’ll pick the best of cruise and rail for your personal experience

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Luxury Spa Vacations

A time for you to retreat to a place of seclusion and privacy. This very special kind of vacation can provide that place of space in our busy lives. Spas boast breathtaking views, calming atmosphere, and a quiet escape.

They are an ideal place for solitude but can also be a time for friends to gather and luxuriate in the serenity of a girls weekend getaway, or a couples retreat. Indulge yourself in the many treatment options like a wine sauna experience or the chocolate everything options. We can help you find what is best for you.

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