Distinctive Voyages

Your Distinctive Voyages cruise is different because it comes with a special set of bonus amenities, acquired by our agency and provided to you at no additional charge.

These include:

  • The services of a Distinctive Voyages Host to assist you throughout your journey. Your Distinctive Voyages Host will be onboard, easily accessible and always ready to answer your questions.
  • An invitation to a Welcome Reception to meet like-minded VIPs. You’ll meet and become acquainted with the other VIPs in the Distinctive Voyages group. These acquaintances will soon become fast friends. The reception will be organized by the Distinctive Voyages Host, who will discuss the itinerary in depth, review the details of your Shore Event and answer any questions you might have.
  • An Exclusive Shore Event to truly connect to the local culture Guided by local experts, the Exclusive Shore Events are specially-chosen excursions that reveal the true nature of the people and places you will visit, helping you connect to the culture in a very personal and unforgettable way.

Read the Distinctive Voyages Online Brochure

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Compliments from our agency to you, these rewarding touches create a cruise experience that is pleasurably distinctive from all the rest. This program features sailings all over the world ranging from 7 to 112 days, all with additional amenities included at no extra cost.

We offer several Distinctive Voyages throughout the year. Please considering joining us on one. For more information, call Barb at 440-888-9612.

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