Vacation Packages can be many things from a road trip, an international flight, a weekend getaway, or an extended month long trip.  Most commonly they are they are an Independent Travel or an Escorted Tour.  We have tried to give you some insight to each one of these types of travel so you can decide which is best for you.  

Gondolas in Venice

Independent travel is for those who are not traveling with a professional guide but are on their own.  It can be a single destination or a more complicated trip with many stops. 

Escorted tours provides the ease of traveling with a group while someone else takes care of all the details hotel, sightseeing, and transportation.  this too can be a single destination or a multiple stop itinerary. 

We at Pearl Travel have experienced both types of travel and can assist you in deciding which vacation experience best suits you.  We have visited may places throughout the world and stand ready to assist you with your vacation plans.

So just what is your Dream Vacation?

  •  Somewhere warm?  The Beach
  •  Are you a history buff? Civil War sites maybe
  •  Does the Old World interest you? Paris or Rome
  •  What about a trip down under? Seeing the Sydney Opera House
  •  Perhaps the Orient or how about an African Safari?
  •  Maybe a trip to cold Alaska in winter so you can see the Northern Lights
  •  A visit to see the place where "it was all started by a MOUSE"

These are just a few of the possibilities for your next travel experience!

We partner with only the best travel providers to meeting your needs. Contact us to discuss your vacation wants.  We guide you through the pre-trip stuff from assistance with passport and visa requirements to letting you know the weather at your vacation destination.  Our expert staff can even provide you with day by day plans and a schedule if you so desire.  From our experience to your vacation.