All Inclusive Vacations

Got Questions - Here's Answers

The best thing about an all-inclusive vacation, whether it's that romantic adults only resort or that fun-packed family complex, it is the peace-of-mind, one-price-fits-all great escape to paradise!  No worries about sticker shock at check-out. 

Is everything truly included – well sort of depending on your desires to explore or upgrade

All-Inclusive Resorts run the gamut from small, high-end properties with astounding amenities and luxurious levels of service to sprawling mega resorts with  a vast variety of amenities, services and activities to please anyone.  Whether the charm of a quaint boutique atmosphere is what you desire or the awe of a state-of-the-art complex is what gets you psyched, there is something to fit everyone’s idea of Paradise.  Most all-inclusive resorts are located throughout the Caribbean and Mexico.  Rooms can range from all-out, luxury villas to exclusive rooms with plunge pools to a lovely basic room.  Each property offers its own incredible level of service, excellent food, and luxurious accommodations. Spend a little more to get the most value, options and amenities.

Buffets offer a fun, ever-changing variety of food choices with a great way to sample the indigenous fare.  Most all-inclusive resorts now feature multiple award-winning restaurants offering international gourmet dining and every kind of themed based eatery and barista imaginable to increase the quality of dining options.  It is not unusual for specialty restaurants to require reservations which you have to request on a daily basis.  Also be aware that many restaurants have a dress code for both men and women, so check with us before you travel.  Most resorts today are happy to cater to food allergies and special diets to keep every foodie delighted.  Unless you are staying at the top luxury resorts, you may find top-shelf brands of liquor aren't included as well as other premium delicacies for the palate such as prime cuts of meat and seafood.

Most resorts have massive or multiple pools with some accessible only to the upper category rooms and a fun selection of children's pools at family resorts.  Exercise equipment in specially designated work-out rooms is generally available for unlimited use.  Other life luxuries such as spa treatments are extra on a per service basis although package deals can be purchased and added to your all-inclusive package.
Non-motorized water sports like paddle boats, inner tubes, small sailing vessels are usually included.  If you have your heart set on scuba diving, parasailing, jet-skiing, and horseback riding you will need to budget for these and similar activities.  If golfing in paradise is your fantasy, you will find that golf is included but most places will charge for mandatory carts and caddies.  And of course, if you choose to explore the destination and experience the culture up close and personal, you will need to pay for these excellent and exciting excursions.

Many family oriented resorts have rooms that will accommodate up to 5 people if 3 of them are children.  There is usually an age limit for children so it is important that we know children's ages when making a booking.  Family oriented resorts generally will have "Kids Clubs" with predetermined age ranges to accommodate children from infants to teens.  This means that mom and dad have plenty of occasions to steal away on their own for some romance and relaxation.  You can also find night time sitting available for a fee.  Opportunity for Single Parents to save is available at some resorts.

Most resorts include WiFi but sometime only in public areas.  Depending on the caliber of the resort, you may find you have to pay extra for WiFi in your room if it is available.  Room service is not always offered or is limited to the higher category rooms.  Nightly entertainment is provided at many resorts but not always every night.   Casinos are located at some resorts but it depends on what island you are on in the Caribbean.  If the resort where you are staying is part of a group you can often use the facilities and even dine at a sister resort.
Although tipping is included in a “true” all-inclusive rate, people will extend their appreciation for great service of any kind (room, maid, bar, porter).  Although many resorts forbid extra tipping, it does exist to ensure great service especially if the resort is popular and at full occupancy.

Many all-inclusive resorts offer a wide range of room categories ranked by location, view, size, and added amenities. The higher categories always have the best amenities and nicest views, which include spacious rooms, pampered bathroom facilities, swim up or private pools, Jacuzzis, ocean views, balconies, or beachfront access.  Location is a big factor whether you find your home away from home to be beachfront, poolside, or near dining and nightlife.
Even in the view categories there are many choices that will affect the price.  For instance, a partial ocean view will cost you less than a full ocean view and beachfront view does not guarantee an ocean view-- your room may open to the beach sand but palm trees, a dividing wall, or cabana could obstruct you view of the water.  Additionally, at some resorts what is called a 'water view' might require you to lean out and look past something to see the water. 
Some room categories are exclusive club level rooms that lavish you with royal treatment such as private check-in, member lounges, and special beach access and attendants as well as the services of a concierge and personal room butler.

With all that said, if you're the independent type who likes to explore and discover everything local, then staying at an all-inclusive could cramp your style and cause you to pay for food and activities you most likely will never use.  Instead, you may want to consider a “foreign independent travel” package (FIT) which allows you to live it up with the locals.  See our custom journeys section for more