Italian Mosaic

Does just the name Bella Italia immediately have you wanting to bust out in chorus of That's Amore.  Do you picture yourself standing by the Fontana di Trevi poised ready to throw that coin over your shoulder to assure a return or perhaps a visit to the Papal Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican with an opportunity to pray where the Popes pray is what stirs your heart.  Then Beautiful Italy truly is for you.  This cradle of European civilization over 2000 years old is a place where you can stand in awe before some of the world's most iconic images, or visit that Italian city Venice that despite it's elegant decay still preserves the legacy of ancient Italy.  This country stretches from the Alps with a bit of a Germanic feel to Mediterranean beaches and sun-baked Sicily.  While Italy has so much to see that it cannot be done in a week selecting the part that most interest you is the way to begin your planning.   Just a few places in Italy to ponder:

  • Rome do we have to say anything else?
  • Venice and .Florence where art abounds
  • Cinque Terre - Italy's Riviera
  • Hill Towns of Central Italy - Tuscany and Umbria
  • Northern Italy - Mountains and Lakes
  • Naples the Amalfi Coast
  • Sicily - Spicy and a bit Sassy 

Italy is a country where you need to relax and accept it as a package deal - all the emotion where you see Italians shaking fists at each other one minute and walking arm in arm the next, the traffic jams, the strikes, the rallies, holidays, and crowded everything.  But there is nothing quite like sitting outside sipping a cappuccino in the morning, or taking a break in the middle of the afternoon and getting a Gelato to revivie you after a day of sightseeing.  Then there's the evening when Italians come out to play what a show impossible to describe but wonderful to watch. 

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